April Birthstone

Diamond is April's Birthstone and the 10th Anniversary Stone. Well, what can I say? They are a girl's best friend. Always a winner no matter the size, shape, color, clarity, and cut, you can never go wrong with diamonds.

This ultra-hard crystal is still classified as brittle in four perfect directions. Diamonds are in the cubic system, which is the "habit" in which they will grow into. They are made of crystallized carbon gas, under extremely deep and immense pressures in the earth's crust.  Diamonds are old. How old you say? How about 1.3-3.5 billion years old! They have been around for a very long time. The costs to mine, extract, process, and cut the crystals are enormous.  When the miners choose a site that seems profitable, they are confident the mine will produce for years to come.

The reason you see so many round-shaped diamonds in all sizes and flavors is because it is the best yield from a diamond octahedral crystal. Like an arbitrary pyramid, diamond quality is based on the fact that the higher you go towards the apex, the fewer there are, and the more expensive they get.

Luckily there are so many smaller sizes and qualities to fit everyone's desires and price ranges.

Diamonds truly are forever!

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