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COVID-19 Announcement

To our valued clients and friends,

In compliance with the Governor's orders, our Chevy Chase MD and Washington DC locations will be closed until further notice. Our McLean, VA location will remain open with both limited staff & hours until otherwise directed. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this brings. Please reach out to us via phone or email to make arrangements in the event you need something of an urgent matter.

In addition, we would like to invite our clients to utilize our new, limited "Concierge" service. While we are unable to maintain our day to day operations, we welcome the opportunity to try and accommodate gift requests for upcoming special occasions. Please contact us directly to discuss your needs. If possible, we can email or text you options and then arrange for pick-up or delivery.

Boone & Sons is proud to have served the Washingtonian area for over 60 years. These are new & uncharted times for all of us. Together, we will get through this and we look forward to working with you during brighter times when everything is back to normal.

The Boone Family & Staff

Opal and Tourmaline
October Birthstone

October's Birthstones: Opal and Tourmaline. The 14th and 8th Anniversary stones.

What do Australia, Brazil, Mexico, and Nevada have in common?  Aside from beautiful weather, gorgeous scenery, and enviable sunsets, they are all large providers of one of this month's birthstones: the opal. Those blessed with blonde tresses should pay special attention to this gem, as it was once believed to possess the ability to extend the life of that particular hair coloring.  Whether or not the legend from the Middle Ages holds any truth, women of all hues can benefit from the opal's mesmerizing, iridescent colors. Types of opals include boulder, white, fire, and the coveted black.

Tourmaline, October's other birthstone, provides a wealth of jewelry opportunities to the discerning customer. Their relative durability, distinctive three-sided prism effect, and diverse coloring and sizing options make this stone a prime choice for placement within earrings, necklaces, and any other setting one desires. The right combination of tourmaline accessories can make any outfit shine as brightly as the gems themselves!

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